Farewell Tooncis and Ashes

Our cats have a new home as of Friday night ~ we gave them to a family closeby. You can tell they love animals, and they just lost their kitty so they were looking for a replacement. They instantly fell in love with Ashes, but Tooncis was being a little brat so I hope she warms up to them. They picked her up and turned her upside down and she hates that. So... Now they know not to do that anymore.

They will give it a week and see how it goes. If tuna (or ashes) is not adjusting well we will take them back.
We feel good about them because they were immediately noticing they needed to be brushed, and they wanted to do that as soon as they got home. They really love ashes so hopefully tuna will be better in a day or so.
We feel really good about these people and they really want to love on them, so if they can adjust I think it will be better for them in the long run. They will sure get a lot more attention than they got here lately.
Tyson did pretty well when we told him - luckily Uncle Mike and Aunt Krista took him swimming while the family came to get them or that may have been bad, but he is excited that all of our cat allergy prone family and friends can come over to our house now!

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The Moriarty Family said...

I'm so glad a loving family took Tooncis and Ashes in together. Such a bittersweet thing, but we totally understand your situation. They found the right sweet cats to replace their kitten. Hope they aren't putting tooncis in his back anymore- duuuhhh, don't they know most cats hate that?!