1 year pics

I took Hailey to get her 1 year pictures on Saturday morning. I made the appointment during her happiest time of day, had all her favorite snacks with me, even put her in her outfits a couple of times on the week leading up to the pictures so she wouldn't freak out (mostly for the tutu). She still freaked out though. She would have been fine if I was in all of the pictures with her, but for one thing I wasn't prepared for that, and also... come on... it's her 1 year pictures. The rocking chair pics were one of the last things we did and it was by far her favorite. She LOVED it. I don't think she's sat in one before, but she knew just what to do and was rocking her little body like crazy! I actually changed her into a third outfit but since they had taken the rocking chair away, she had had it. We did get some good ones despite the challenges... these are some of the better ones.

As usual, we ordered way too many pics so I'm sure you will be getting some of these!

Unexpectedly, I think this is my favorite one (above)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. They are really cute, esp. the rocking chair one. I hope that it wasn't too much an ordeal for you and her. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks. Love, Grandpa T.

The Moriarty Family said...

They ALL turned out great! Looks like she did just fine smiling for the camera, little cutie!! I def love the rocking chair pic, but that tu-tu is precious!

Aunt Lynn said...

Ditto my usual comment! YOUR KIDS ARE JUST ADORABLE!!!!
What a cutie - love watching her walk! Fun times!