let's go to the zoo

I had Friday off because the kids' school was closed. I took them to the zoo with Choco and Krista. I'm so glad they came because there's no way I would have survived by myself with the kids. They were both very good throughout almost the whole day, but until they get a little older it will still be challenging taking them to places like this.

The zoo has a dinosaur exhibit and it's only going to be there a few more weeks. Tyson loves dinosaurs so I was hoping he'd love it. He was really excited to go in the dinosaur part, and look at them, but he didn't want to stand by them for pictures. I think he didn't want to turn his back to them. I finally got him to do one near the end but I had to hold him :) They were pretty cool, they moved and made noises.

Hailey was in the stroller most of the time, but I tried to let her get out when it made sense and get some walking in.

Both kids loved the carousel - Hailey knew just what to do and grabbed on to the pole

Tyson loved the petting zoo - this was a major improvement over last year, when he wouldn't touch any of the animals. He went right in and even switched brushes a few times :)

I was worried what Hailey would do when she got tired since we were there during her nap time. She did great and just fell asleep in my arms when she couldn't take it any longer.

Of course we had to get a train ride in at the end - Tyson was bugging us to ride it from the first time he heard the whistle!


walking girl!

Hailey has been taking 1-15 steps for about a month now, but this weekend she finally decided she was ready to switch to walking! Right on her 13 month birthday! Here's a few pics and video of her taking off.

I love this look - the "aaaaahhhh... am I really doing this??? I don't know???"

Also I just had to grab some pics of her in this outfit... it was the 3rd one from the studio that we didn't get any professional pics of. She also had some adorable sandals on but I took them off.

She can make it much farther than this, but I'm not always sitting there with the camera rolling ;)


1 year pics

I took Hailey to get her 1 year pictures on Saturday morning. I made the appointment during her happiest time of day, had all her favorite snacks with me, even put her in her outfits a couple of times on the week leading up to the pictures so she wouldn't freak out (mostly for the tutu). She still freaked out though. She would have been fine if I was in all of the pictures with her, but for one thing I wasn't prepared for that, and also... come on... it's her 1 year pictures. The rocking chair pics were one of the last things we did and it was by far her favorite. She LOVED it. I don't think she's sat in one before, but she knew just what to do and was rocking her little body like crazy! I actually changed her into a third outfit but since they had taken the rocking chair away, she had had it. We did get some good ones despite the challenges... these are some of the better ones.

As usual, we ordered way too many pics so I'm sure you will be getting some of these!

Unexpectedly, I think this is my favorite one (above)


forward facing car seat

Hailey got to switch to a big girl car seat last weekend and now faces forward! She took over Tyson's car seat and he got a new one. She rode in it for the first time on Sunday. She was a little confused at first, kept wanting to reach for me and didn't understand why I wouldn't pick her up. But then she loved it (surprise surprise). It will really be nice the next time we go on a trip - hopefully she will watch movies like her brother and I won't have to ride on the floor between the two back seats...

my drawer

Whenever we pull this drawer out now, Hailey climbs in and doesn't get out until she's forced to. She unloads it, reloads it, hands train pieces from it to whoever will grab them, or just chills out in it.


cousin fun

We had some fun visits last weekend from people we don't get to see very often - Aunt Amy brought Caleb and Benjamin over on Saturday for lunch and swimming! Unfortunately Uncle Shane couldn't make it, he was in training a little too far away for a lunch break commute.

Tyson loved having them and I think everyone had a blast swimming!

Then on Sunday, Steve's cousin Keith and his family stayed with us on their way down to Corpus/ Sinton from Kansas. We rarely see them now that they live in Kansas, and when we do it's in a large family setting so it was nice to get some time to visit with them. Hopefully they'll keep us as a stop on their way down in future trips.

Once again, I didn't get as many pics as I wanted to, but sometimes it feels a little lame to be taking pics of stuff all the time...


photos by Tyson

Tyson always wants to look at pictures on my camera after I take them. On this day he asked if he could take pictures. At first I thought nah, but then I told him if he stays right next to me he can take pictures with it.

Here's how it started... Tyson accidentally pulled the drawer out (no one got hurt), and Hailey immediately climbed into it and took over. More drawer pictures to come soon. I took the first one, and Tyson took the rest... enjoy

He kept saying "Mommy stick your tongue out!"

He did a good job aiming during his self-portraits I think.

Hailey's final 1st birthday party

The weekend after Hailey's birthday, we had another little celebration / excuse to try to get the college friends back together. It's pretty hard to get all of us these days, and unfortunately we lost the Lane's due to a series of unfortunate events, but we still had a lot of fun. Hailey got to dig into more cupcakes.

We didn't get many pictures, but I did manage to get some pics of Tyson getting some quality time in with his uncles. Uncle Kyle read him one story...

... and Uncle Micah read him another! It was really great to see Micah and Jenny, I hadn't seen them in atleast a year and a half (way too long... but it's kinda hard when they lived in PANAMA), so glad they are back in Texas now! Missed you guys!

It's nice to use your kids' life events to get people together sometimes ;-)

Farewell Tooncis and Ashes

Our cats have a new home as of Friday night ~ we gave them to a family closeby. You can tell they love animals, and they just lost their kitty so they were looking for a replacement. They instantly fell in love with Ashes, but Tooncis was being a little brat so I hope she warms up to them. They picked her up and turned her upside down and she hates that. So... Now they know not to do that anymore.

They will give it a week and see how it goes. If tuna (or ashes) is not adjusting well we will take them back.
We feel good about them because they were immediately noticing they needed to be brushed, and they wanted to do that as soon as they got home. They really love ashes so hopefully tuna will be better in a day or so.
We feel really good about these people and they really want to love on them, so if they can adjust I think it will be better for them in the long run. They will sure get a lot more attention than they got here lately.
Tyson did pretty well when we told him - luckily Uncle Mike and Aunt Krista took him swimming while the family came to get them or that may have been bad, but he is excited that all of our cat allergy prone family and friends can come over to our house now!