I like dirty

I feel like Tyson has been overshadowed in blog world lately, so I wanted to give him his own post.

Tyson went through a little phase recently where he could be difficult at times. He was acting up at school and home. Not all the time, but he'd have his moments. In the past couple of weeks it seems like he's pulling out of it. He keeps getting rave reviews at school ("happy notes") and is doing much better at home also.

His sister is constantly going after him and trying to take things from him, touch him, etc. She's trying to play but I can see how it's annoying from his perspective. He's learned to keep his special toys out of her reach and that's made a big difference.

He loves to play in the tub - he gets water outside of the tub at least once a night, but he's a good bath taker and teeth-brusher.

This is him going "I'm squishing your head mommy!" He says hilarious things every day, it's hard to remember them all and some are only funny because of his voice.

Thanks to Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber giving Hailey more megablocks for her birthday, they made this massive tower that was taller than Daddy! And then had fun knocking it down.

He has gained so much confidence in the pool since last summer! He will go anywhere with his floaties on. Here he was really proud of himself and saying "Yook [look]! I jumped in the DEEP END!" (Previously MAJORLY off limits of course)

Having tons of fun swimming

He started pulling this trick lately - hiding in the trunk in the hall. Funny guy.

Every night when he's getting ready for bath, he goes #2 but he announces it beforehand by finding each one of us and saying "Mommy, don't open the door! Daddy, don't open the door!" Which is great because we know exactly what he's doing.
One day recently we were going to school and he said "Mommy can we go fishing today?" "Well Tyson we can't go today, but Mommy and Daddy will plan something soon so we can go, ok?" "Ok Mommy. I want to go fishing. I like dirty."
He has also started saying "yes ma'am." But he says ma'am to everyone. We've been telling him to say "sir" to guys. Guys who don't know him hesitate a little when they get called ma'am ;-)
We just taught him the difference between he/him and she/her, so I think he'll figure it out pretty quickly.
Tyson is such a fun kid and a joy to have around!


Courtney Squillante said...

Oh my gosh- the picture of him in the trunk TOTALLY reminds me of Nick! hahahah What a cute little boy- and what a fun personality!

Aunt Lynn said...

Tyson sounds a lot like your dad, Ginny! He was such a nut when we were kids! I can still remember when we were in high school… he'd walk casually into the family room, stand there a moment and then do a dead fall onto the floor. He never got hurt, strangely, and we all laughed like idiots!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Great pics of T-man!! He sure says the cutest and sweetest things lately and I just LOVE hearing his precious little voice. Oh and by the way, I got to play trains with Tyson yesterday, one on one... okay, so I'm pretty touched that he asked me :)

GranDeb said...

Awww...I'm glad you did a "Tyson" post....he is such a cutie! It is def hard being the oldest sometimes...
My favorite pic for sure is the two of them in the laundry basket!! Priceless!!

Jammy said...

We thoroughly enjoyed having Tyson here last weekend. He was very good about sharing with cousin Jonah, and was a cheerful and polite boy the entire time!!