I hate mosquitos

I'm sorry, but this is way too much a part of our lives right now so I have to mention it. I can't even think of a catchy title for this post. I don't know if it's like this everywhere in Houston, but down here in Pearland, we are INFESTED. They must have liked the rain we got from Alex. There are literally SWARMS of them by any flower bed/ garden in the area. I really think it's the worst I've been around so far.

Steve and Hailey are lucky, they don't get bitten much and when they do, the bites are pretty small. Tyson and I on the other hand, get attacked in the swarms and get massive, nasty looking welps when we get bitten. On my left knee alone, I have 10 bites. No exaggeration. The past few nights I've woken up multiple times because my mosquito bites are itching.

Ok I will stop my rant, but seriously. Please. We need those repellent fogging trucks to drive around the area for about 10 hours straight. I know there are others out there who sympathize with me.


Melissa said...

The mosquitos are awful up here too! Tell Hailey happy birthday from the Sorensens!

The Moriarty Family said...

I'm with ya sista!! They are SO bad right now. Nick doesn't even get a whelp or feel any urge to scratch when he gets bit. Drives me crazy!