Happy Birthday Hailey Bear

Hailey, you are 1 YEAR OLD today! I can't believe it. You are such a sweet baby. You wave, clap like crazy, play pattycake, point and open/ close your fist at things you want,

love to wrestle, be tickled (your feet are really ticklish now), be thrown in the air, or mostly be the center of attention.

You have started opening books and looking through the pages.

Happy Birthday today! We got cupcakes to celebrate your REAL birthday. Mommy always likes to make sure something special happens on everyone's actual birthday, even if the main celebration is on another day.

You give high fives...

You discovered the stairs this month... uh oh...

I love when you look down. It's hard to catch on camera, but your cheeks get all chubby and I just wanna squish/ kiss them.

You talk to us all the time. Mostly still mama, dada. It seems like you know how to use the names properly. I think you also just realized that's you in the mirror and not another baby. You really love to hand things to us, share your food, feed us, etc. When you give things to us you say "neh" every time you hand us something.
You have officially switched to table food now, you refuse to eat baby food. We also just started you on whole milk instead of formula - you love it but it has to be warmed up. I will take that as a win. You are a pro at sippy cups. You have 5 teeth, 3 on top and two on bottom. You have two bottom teeth working their way through now. You're still cruising the furniture and standing by yourself, but not quite walking yet.

You are still a happy, talkative girl. Tyson sure loves you unless you are taking something away from him. He is still very protective of you and shows you off to his friends.
Here's your birthday song from today... forgive the bad singing!


The Moriarty Family said...

My goodness you are right... those cute chubby cheeks make you wanna kiss all over them! Can't believe she's officially 1!

Aunt Lynn said...

Wow! What fun! She is soooooooo adorable! I hope she is feeling better.

As far as the mosquitos, we've been WONDERING where they all were this year! Now we know. Sorry!