Tyson's happy overload

We went to Corpus Christi a few weekends ago for the first time since December. That Saturday ended up being an action-packed day of fun for Tyson ~ probably the most "happy overloaded" day of his life so far. First, they headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch with the whole family (except Mommy and Hailey - nap time for Ms. H). Tyson loves going there now, he used to be leery of some of the games but he's all over them now.

Then, the guys and Hannah went fishing - it was Tyson's first time. He LOVED it. They were in a section with tons of little fish so they got lots of action! Tyson had fun reeling them in, having someone take it off the hook, and throwing them back in the water.

Tyson's first fish!

Then, they headed to a new splash pad type thing and played in there. More fun in the sun with cousins!

After this, they headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's and ate dinner, had birthday cake for Uncle Shane and Grandpa's birthdays, then went swimming when it was really bath/bed time. Tyson had so much fun but I think it took him a few days to fully recover from it :)
It was fun to see everyone again - we promise not to wait 5 months again before visiting!

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The Moriarty Family said...

Looked like a lot of fun! Great pictures, too!