Toddler 1

This little one is moving up to the Toddler 1 classroom tomorrow. She's ready to go to the new class, but we are worried that she will have a hard time transitioning. Hopefully she will decide her new teachers are on "the list" of her acceptible people, otherwise it will be a rough week for everyone involved.

No more special crib just for her... now she will be taking a nap on a big girl padded cot. She will also eat at a little table instead of in a high chair, and start learning to use a sippy cup. She will still get her bottles too. We will see how she does. This week, she can go back to her old class if she's having a really rough time.

Her crib was on the end of the row because she's the oldest in the infant room... 2 of her little friends are moving with her so maybe that will help a little...

Here she is with Ms. Cecilia, one of the people on Hailey's "list."

Here she is with Ms. Lucy, who is by far her favorite teacher. We are really grateful for everything Ms. Lucy and Ms. Cecilia have done for Hailey while she's been in the infant room. She can be a handful sometimes but you can tell they will both miss her (especially Ms. Lucy - they are joined at the hip). At least she will just be across the hallway!

Please send positive vibes our way this week! She has already gone to the new class a few times in short spurts and done ok. We're hoping she will enjoy the new toys and play mats so much that she won't be upset about the differences. Go Hailey go, you can do it!!
UPDATE: She did great on her first day eating all of her meals and snacks and taking her nap on her big girl cot (our biggest worry). Ms. Lucy heard her crying some throughout the day, but overall she did great for a first day. When I went to pick her up she was happy and playing, and she showed off how fast she can crawl up the play mats. Hopefully she will continue to get better as the week goes on!


Anonymous said...

OK....one of those BIG steps! Hailey, you are in my thoughts and prayers. (So are Daddy, Mommy, and those at her day care.)
She will be fine and it appears that those caring for her during the day have a plan and know what they are doing -- this is a good thing! Love you all, Grandma

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh my, what a big big girl! Praying you'll have a smooth transition, Hailey! Hopefully, all the fun new toys will keep you distract you. Oh and, please learn how to use the sippy soon so you can teach Jonah, ok? He's not liking it so much. :)

Jammy said...

Love the picture on her tippytoes!! Hope she had a good day today. I can't believe it's time for her to advance already! She looks so big and confident!! What a cutie!