survived week 1

Hailey survived her first week in Toddler I. She had a rough day on Monday, Thursday and Friday, but did fine on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm hoping that the end of the week was just rough for her because she was tired. They only take one nap in that class. She's been pretty tired at night, and may end up with an earlier bed time to help make up for it.

She ate some table food (blended up) and loved it. I didn't let her eat chili cheese nachos (kinda rough for a 10 month old, plus blended? ewwww). But, she ate everything else. I'm surprised she is still putting up with baby food at home. We're trying to work in easy table food when we can.

Let's hope she does better this week! I'm glad we still have Ms. Lucy across the hall, she keeps tabs on her (and sometimes ends up in Hailey's new class at the end of the day :)))

Our big girl will be 11 months tomorrow!


Aunt Lynn said...

Hailey, your Illinois cousins love you and wish they could be there (especially Natalie) to be your best buddy in Toddler 1 and help you through it!

Jammy said...

Happy 11 months Hailey! We're so proud of you for all your new accomplishments! Hope today was a good day!! We love you!