just some fun pics

These aren't really related, but I thought I'd put them up...

This was at a birthday party Tyson and I went to a couple of weeks ago. They let the kids drive the bumper boats even though they were a little under the height limit :) They did surprisingly well controlling them and had a blast shooting at each other.

Jonah kissed Hailey a few times when Nick and Amber and Dad came to visit on Father's Day weekend. We just couldn't catch the actual kisses on camera!

The 3 Moriarty grandkids - hard to get them all looking at the same camera!
Loved this one of Jonah

Hailey loves to play with cards - she was holding them up in the air and dropping them - some ended up with a good resting place :)


GranDeb said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable!! I love the 'cards' picture!!
Hey, where did y'all go for the party with bumper boats? That looks like alot of fun!!

Aunt Lynn said...

Ginny what a bunch of cutie-pies!!! Love it!

beckyboo said...

Hey, we're doing good so far. Looks like you guys are doing great. The kids are getting so big!! They are too cute!