11 months

Hailey, you are 11 months old today! You're still crawling and cruising, getting faster and faster. You don't sit still anymore, ever. I have to chase you just to change your diaper or get really creative to get you to stay still.

When you're getting full you turn around in your chair... I guess that's one way to prevent us from feeding you... LOL

You get into everything but it's adorable. You can open cabinets now, but you only open the ones on the right. As soon as you get in, you inspect everything inside and then make a huge mess throwing it on the floor.

We always have to have some kind of snack on hand while you're eating - if you run out, you won't eat again until you get a refill.

This is your "pick me up" stance - very hard to catch on camera, because you either move or start making the face in the pic below :)

You love Tyson. You try to play with him, and us, but right now you pull on our cheeks, lips and shirts, and Tyson doesn't understand that you're still learning that doesn't feel good. He is very sweet and never hits you back when you "attack" him. You also bite mommy but I think I'm the only one (lucky me)

Here you are talking to him - he's in the shower
You both loved taking a ride in the laundry basket - we will have to remember this one on rainy days!

Here's some videos I liked of you!
I realized you're about to grow out of bottles, so I caught you drinking one so I could savor those sweet baby bottle noises when you get older. You also learned how to hold your bottle last month (long video)

First time you tried to attack the camera...

Driving a car around - thought this was cute. You love this car and you only like to drive it backwards.

Just a quick breathing intake... cute

Playing on your table

Here's to one more month of you officially being a baby... time flies...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these snippets of Hailey. She really is doing a lot and is precious. Love you all, Grandma

Carrie Bryant said...

Ginny - she is adorable! I loved all the videos (something I have got to get better about). Bentley is almost 2....THEY GROW TOO FAST. We need a playdate for our kiddos!

Katie said...

Oh Ginny! I love those videos. What a treasure. I wish I had video of my kids drinking their bottles. You're right about that sweet noise. They grow too fast. She's a sweetie.

Jammy said...

What a character! Love the turnaround on the chair, bib, car hmmm...pattern here??! Love to watch her play on her table. Her voice is so cute!! Laundry basket picture is a classic. Thanks for all the eye treats!