just some fun pics

These aren't really related, but I thought I'd put them up...

This was at a birthday party Tyson and I went to a couple of weeks ago. They let the kids drive the bumper boats even though they were a little under the height limit :) They did surprisingly well controlling them and had a blast shooting at each other.

Jonah kissed Hailey a few times when Nick and Amber and Dad came to visit on Father's Day weekend. We just couldn't catch the actual kisses on camera!

The 3 Moriarty grandkids - hard to get them all looking at the same camera!
Loved this one of Jonah

Hailey loves to play with cards - she was holding them up in the air and dropping them - some ended up with a good resting place :)


11 months

Hailey, you are 11 months old today! You're still crawling and cruising, getting faster and faster. You don't sit still anymore, ever. I have to chase you just to change your diaper or get really creative to get you to stay still.

When you're getting full you turn around in your chair... I guess that's one way to prevent us from feeding you... LOL

You get into everything but it's adorable. You can open cabinets now, but you only open the ones on the right. As soon as you get in, you inspect everything inside and then make a huge mess throwing it on the floor.

We always have to have some kind of snack on hand while you're eating - if you run out, you won't eat again until you get a refill.

This is your "pick me up" stance - very hard to catch on camera, because you either move or start making the face in the pic below :)

You love Tyson. You try to play with him, and us, but right now you pull on our cheeks, lips and shirts, and Tyson doesn't understand that you're still learning that doesn't feel good. He is very sweet and never hits you back when you "attack" him. You also bite mommy but I think I'm the only one (lucky me)

Here you are talking to him - he's in the shower
You both loved taking a ride in the laundry basket - we will have to remember this one on rainy days!

Here's some videos I liked of you!
I realized you're about to grow out of bottles, so I caught you drinking one so I could savor those sweet baby bottle noises when you get older. You also learned how to hold your bottle last month (long video)

First time you tried to attack the camera...

Driving a car around - thought this was cute. You love this car and you only like to drive it backwards.

Just a quick breathing intake... cute

Playing on your table

Here's to one more month of you officially being a baby... time flies...


happy birthday nightmare, steve

Part of Steve's birthday present was to get our upstairs TV fixed. It's been out since sometime last year and we've both been in mourning since. To make a long story short, it was a huge ordeal with multiple bumps along the way, including a delivery guy that was weaker than me, so the TV ended up staying on the first floor for a few days until we could get some help. Thanks a lot! Steve couldn't wait for it to get upstairs and tested it out in a convenient location :)

Here's to more fun years with that TV! (oh, we have a gameroom? I forgot...)

survived week 1

Hailey survived her first week in Toddler I. She had a rough day on Monday, Thursday and Friday, but did fine on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm hoping that the end of the week was just rough for her because she was tired. They only take one nap in that class. She's been pretty tired at night, and may end up with an earlier bed time to help make up for it.

She ate some table food (blended up) and loved it. I didn't let her eat chili cheese nachos (kinda rough for a 10 month old, plus blended? ewwww). But, she ate everything else. I'm surprised she is still putting up with baby food at home. We're trying to work in easy table food when we can.

Let's hope she does better this week! I'm glad we still have Ms. Lucy across the hall, she keeps tabs on her (and sometimes ends up in Hailey's new class at the end of the day :)))

Our big girl will be 11 months tomorrow!


Toddler 1

This little one is moving up to the Toddler 1 classroom tomorrow. She's ready to go to the new class, but we are worried that she will have a hard time transitioning. Hopefully she will decide her new teachers are on "the list" of her acceptible people, otherwise it will be a rough week for everyone involved.

No more special crib just for her... now she will be taking a nap on a big girl padded cot. She will also eat at a little table instead of in a high chair, and start learning to use a sippy cup. She will still get her bottles too. We will see how she does. This week, she can go back to her old class if she's having a really rough time.

Her crib was on the end of the row because she's the oldest in the infant room... 2 of her little friends are moving with her so maybe that will help a little...

Here she is with Ms. Cecilia, one of the people on Hailey's "list."

Here she is with Ms. Lucy, who is by far her favorite teacher. We are really grateful for everything Ms. Lucy and Ms. Cecilia have done for Hailey while she's been in the infant room. She can be a handful sometimes but you can tell they will both miss her (especially Ms. Lucy - they are joined at the hip). At least she will just be across the hallway!

Please send positive vibes our way this week! She has already gone to the new class a few times in short spurts and done ok. We're hoping she will enjoy the new toys and play mats so much that she won't be upset about the differences. Go Hailey go, you can do it!!
UPDATE: She did great on her first day eating all of her meals and snacks and taking her nap on her big girl cot (our biggest worry). Ms. Lucy heard her crying some throughout the day, but overall she did great for a first day. When I went to pick her up she was happy and playing, and she showed off how fast she can crawl up the play mats. Hopefully she will continue to get better as the week goes on!

Tyson's happy overload

We went to Corpus Christi a few weekends ago for the first time since December. That Saturday ended up being an action-packed day of fun for Tyson ~ probably the most "happy overloaded" day of his life so far. First, they headed to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch with the whole family (except Mommy and Hailey - nap time for Ms. H). Tyson loves going there now, he used to be leery of some of the games but he's all over them now.

Then, the guys and Hannah went fishing - it was Tyson's first time. He LOVED it. They were in a section with tons of little fish so they got lots of action! Tyson had fun reeling them in, having someone take it off the hook, and throwing them back in the water.

Tyson's first fish!

Then, they headed to a new splash pad type thing and played in there. More fun in the sun with cousins!

After this, they headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's and ate dinner, had birthday cake for Uncle Shane and Grandpa's birthdays, then went swimming when it was really bath/bed time. Tyson had so much fun but I think it took him a few days to fully recover from it :)
It was fun to see everyone again - we promise not to wait 5 months again before visiting!