bath time!

When Steve isn't there for bath time, Hailey takes a bath in our tub while Tyson takes a shower. The past couple of times, Tyson has been asking if he can take a bath with Hailey. The first couple of times I talked him out of it because I was afraid they'd get in a fight. Hailey loves Tyson and is always trying to touch him, and Tyson thinks she's trying to hit him and gets mad. I thought that could turn ugly pretty quickly in a small space with no clothes to protect them from each other's fingernails.

Well, the other day I decided to let him get in the bathtub with her after he had taken his shower. I was pleasantly surprised - Hailey had the time of her life and Tyson did a great job playing with her and not getting upset when she touched him.

I thought this one was funny - looks like synchronized crawling or something

The bathtub seems to be the one place that Tyson doesn't mind Hailey trying to "get him". Good times.


Aunt Lynn said...

haha! So cute! I love hearing their voices and giggles in the video! Deftly placed arm by Tyson in the first photo - smart boy there! ;D

The Moriarty Family said...

TOO cute! It's so sweet to see them play together so well :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely too cute! They are so precious. Of course, you know that when they get older they might not be too happy about this ... Grandma

Jammy said...

Fun pictures and I love the video!! We have some pictures of you and Nick having fun in the tub together too. Brings back happy memories!!