10 months and cruising

Hailey, you turned 10 months old last week! Wow! It seems like I was just writing the 9 month post. You are cruising the furniture now. You know what that means...

You stood up by yourself, with no support, right on your 10 month birthday. You point at people and things that you want. You talk to us constantly.

You're such a smiler and have learned to ham it up for the camera. You are a speed crawler and love to "play" with Tyson (grab whatever he's playing with and/or try to climb on him). He lights up your face like no one else can.

You have 4 teeth (2 on bottom, 2 on top). You weigh just under 19 lbs and have outgrown pretty much all of your 6-9 month sized clothes.

You are such a happy, talkative baby. Except during your bath - you recently decided that you don't like your bath. I don't get it. You also don't like sleeping anywhere except your own crib (and your crib at school). You protested at Jammy and Papa's and Grandma and Grandpa's in the last two weeks. We'll have to work on that one. You are getting better about having "strangers" (people not on your very short list) hold you and play with you.

You give big, sloppy wet kisses and you stand up and lecture. You put one hand up, palm up, and tell us all kinds of things with an important look on your face. Mostly da-da-da, ma-ma-ma, and ba-ba-ba.

You are so precious and adorable. I can't kiss those cheeks enough. You light up our lives. Happy 10 months!

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Jammy said...

Great pics!!! I smiled the whole way through! Hailey sure has changed a lot in the last few months. How sweet and cute. She's a character! Love you, Hailey!