10 months and cruising

Hailey, you turned 10 months old last week! Wow! It seems like I was just writing the 9 month post. You are cruising the furniture now. You know what that means...

You stood up by yourself, with no support, right on your 10 month birthday. You point at people and things that you want. You talk to us constantly.

You're such a smiler and have learned to ham it up for the camera. You are a speed crawler and love to "play" with Tyson (grab whatever he's playing with and/or try to climb on him). He lights up your face like no one else can.

You have 4 teeth (2 on bottom, 2 on top). You weigh just under 19 lbs and have outgrown pretty much all of your 6-9 month sized clothes.

You are such a happy, talkative baby. Except during your bath - you recently decided that you don't like your bath. I don't get it. You also don't like sleeping anywhere except your own crib (and your crib at school). You protested at Jammy and Papa's and Grandma and Grandpa's in the last two weeks. We'll have to work on that one. You are getting better about having "strangers" (people not on your very short list) hold you and play with you.

You give big, sloppy wet kisses and you stand up and lecture. You put one hand up, palm up, and tell us all kinds of things with an important look on your face. Mostly da-da-da, ma-ma-ma, and ba-ba-ba.

You are so precious and adorable. I can't kiss those cheeks enough. You light up our lives. Happy 10 months!

mother's day weekend

Mother's Day weekend started off nice for me this year... the school had the usual "moms and muffins" festivities, and provided HUGE yummy muffins. Both kids were on their best behavior.
Saturday, we packed up and drove to Spring to spend the night with my parents and Nick, Amber, and Jonah. We had fun and took the kids to the park for a little while.

Hailey swung in a "real" swing for the first time and loved it.

Jonah liked it at first but then wasn't so sure about it.

Tyson loved the swings of course and had fun on the huge playground. Jonah took a little rest on Steve's shoulder.

Saturday night we had a nice big dinner, put the kids to bed, and played games. Then everyone went to bed. And the fun ended. Hailey woke up around 11:30 and didn't go back to bed until 4:45 AM. It's a long and tiring story, but basically we think that she just wanted to be in her own bed. I think Steve and I got about 2 hours of sleep that night, then got up and went to church, got some Pei Wei takeout and headed back home. Don't babies know they're supposed to be good for their mommies on Mother's Day?


bath time!

When Steve isn't there for bath time, Hailey takes a bath in our tub while Tyson takes a shower. The past couple of times, Tyson has been asking if he can take a bath with Hailey. The first couple of times I talked him out of it because I was afraid they'd get in a fight. Hailey loves Tyson and is always trying to touch him, and Tyson thinks she's trying to hit him and gets mad. I thought that could turn ugly pretty quickly in a small space with no clothes to protect them from each other's fingernails.

Well, the other day I decided to let him get in the bathtub with her after he had taken his shower. I was pleasantly surprised - Hailey had the time of her life and Tyson did a great job playing with her and not getting upset when she touched him.

I thought this one was funny - looks like synchronized crawling or something

The bathtub seems to be the one place that Tyson doesn't mind Hailey trying to "get him". Good times.

first Astros game

We took Hailey to her first Astros game on the 25th. It was Tyson's second time. We had great seats on the third base line. Lots of foul balls came our way in the whole 3 innings that we sat in our seats (took a break to go to the playground and never made it back... :-)

This time the Astros did much better than the first game we saw this season... I think they won 10-3 or 10-4.

We attempted a few family pics. This is the best one we got. Tyson looks just huge to me in this pic.

Hunter Pence - Daddy's favorite Astro

We took the kids to the play area, which has a very huge, cool playground. At first, Tyson and I went while Steve and Hailey got a snack. I had a minor heart attack because there were at least 100 people in and around the playground, and as soon as your kid goes up the first steps you can't see them anymore because of all the tunnels they crawl through. I was freaking out for awhile there because the only way down is a HUGE slide, which usually freaks Tyson out. Plus I had NO idea where he was within the playground. Sure enough, after about 5 or 10 minutes he came down the slide with one of the girls working there - she said he was sitting at the top of the slide and was nervous to go down. I guess I was overreacting because when Steve came back, he wasn't worried at all.

After the playground, Tyson raced against the baseball player (shown in the video above). He really loved that.

Steve and I agreed that it was fun taking the kiddos to the game, but definitely more relaxing to go without them. Hopefully Tyson will remember it for awhile!