she's crawling!

Hailey has changed a TON in the past week. She's more vocal (says things like "aaaaaah" to get our attention, instead of crying), she CRAWLS, takes a bath in the big tub, reaches for us, started noticing/ playing with the cats (i.e. grabbing fur and yanking), stealing toys from her brother, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. I had to get at least one of these up before too much time went by! More to come - it's hard to get it all documented and up here! For now, check out our mobile girl - she's already faster than in the video.


Aunt Lynn said...

She is SO adorable! What fun it is to watch the developmental milestones! Thanks for sharing them!

Jammy said...

Cutie! It was so much fun seeing her over the weekend. She's changed so much since we saw her last!