MS 150

Steve rode in the MS 150 on April 17-18th. He has been training every weekend since January. I am really proud of his dedication to this and how well he did in the ride. Saturday went great - the weather cooperated for them and he did well.

Sunday was a different story. It started raining on them on Saturday night (it was literally raining on Steve in his sleep), and it was still misting when it was time to go. He had a tire blowout around mile 120, and the sag wagon people were trying to get him to get on and hitch a ride to the next stop. Steve didn't want to do that, so his only option was to wedge a $1 bill in the hole. That lasted until about 1/2 mile away from the next rest stop. Determined not to get on the sag wagon, Steve walked his bike to the next stop. They got delayed there waiting for a new tire - thank goodness two of his friends from work stayed with him.

Next, he ran into problems with his chain. Any time he switched the smaller set of gears, the chain would pop off the bike. So... he stayed within only a few gears up and down all the hills on the way in to Austin. There were a couple of times he just had to switch into the Granny gear and pop the chain off. Through all of this, multiple people were telling him to quit but he was determined not to do that after all the hard work he had put in, and all of the people supporting him. Steve crossed the finish line in Austin riding his bike, never having ridden on the sag wagon. Here's a few pictures from a high-quality disposable camera ;)

Here's some of his group before they took off on Saturday in Katy

Overview shot of people leaving from Katy

Steve getting ready to take off

At a rest stop at some point on Saturday

This is where they slept Saturday night in LaGrange

All geared up for another day of biking

At one point on Sunday they had a train of riders. When Steve started having bike trouble 2 of these guys stuck it out with him.

At the finish line in Austin!

Thanks to everyone who supported Steve, either by helping him buy equipment or by donating. He ended up raising over $1,100! He really enjoyed this and felt great helping such a worthy cause. Now he's trying to talk me into joining him next year :)


The Moriarty Family said...

Awesome! We're so proud of Steve. AND, I'm even more proud that he got some great photos to share :) What a trooper to stick it out despite all the bike problems.

Aunt Lynn said...

YAY STEVE!!!! Way to go!

Jackie said...

Knew you could do it, Steve!! Sorry you had so many problems along the way. Not surprised you stuck it out though. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Well Steven, what can I say? Nothing really can express how proud of you I am. Even at my best athletic shape (and yes I was in good athletic shape once), I doubt that I could have accomplished what you did. I am proud of you and thank you for giving so much of yourself to this cause. Also thank you Ginny for giving up the time you could have had with Steven while he trained and participated in this event. Mom

GranDeb said...

Wow! That is some crazy stuff! What a trooper you were, Steve! And as I tell my kiddos, what doesn't kill ya makes for some really good stories!!!