Happy Easter

Easter festivities were mostly on Friday and Saturday for us this year. Everyone but Daddy and Papa had Friday off work, so the kids and I headed up to Spring to visit everyone.

Little cutie playing at home while Mommy was getting everything ready to go

Hailey had her first grass experience. She's not too fond of it. Jonah loves it though and pulls it out, then watches it fall when he lets go.

This was Saturday morning when we were getting ready for family to come over. I think this is one of my favorite pics of her so far.

Boxing with Papa! A Papa visit wouldn't be complete without some rough housing.

Tyson on his egg hunt - his second of the year. The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the back yard!

Showing off his treasures at the end of the hunt (okay, so the girls made him stand under the tree for the picture because it was in full bloom)

Checking out his Easter basket from Jammy and Papa - lots of goodies in there!

I loved this pic of Jonah - makes you wonder what they are thinking sometimes :)

The smoker/ grill master at work - thanks for spending so much time making our meal!

Hailey is trying to warm up to her Aunt and Uncle - they do a good job of keeping her entertained when they steal her

Jammy's festive Easter cake! Yummmm!

Everyone getting re-acquainted now that Nick and Amber are back from Colorado!

Tyson was a little sick of getting his picture taken at this point, can you tell?
Thanks for the fun day guys! Happy Easter!


Jammy said...

Fun to see the weekend in review!! Great pictures of the kids! Sure was fun finally getting everyone together again. Love you guys!

Aunt Lynn said...

… it all looks like so much fun!!!
*sigh* Wish we could have been there!
Natalie and Seth would LOVE Tyson, Jonah, and Hailey! What a bunch of cuties!
Aunt Lynn

Anonymous said...

Great pictures -
Looks like everyone is having a great time. Glad to see that everyone is healthy and happy! Grandma

The Moriarty Family said...

We had such a great time with the Torno Fam, as usual! Even though there are babies everywhere, we had a blast. AND the grill master did an excellent job on the yummy food! P.S. you got great photos of the kiddo's.