Happy Birthday Jonah!

Jonah is turning 1 on Wednesday and we celebrated his birthday this weekend at Collins Park in Spring. Papa has taken Tyson there before but we had never been - it's a nice park with a really cool 3-story playscape with all kinds of slides coming off of it. It was great to see family and hang out for awhile.

Hailey was doing some kind of weird snuggling with Jammy - she'd smash her nose against Jammy's chin and keep it there. Whatever it was, Jammy liked it :)

The cousins saying hi to each other again

Yeah, this was one of the presents we gave Jonah and it was a hit!

He cried when they took it away so he could eat his cake - sweet! We have a winner!

Daddy had Hailey in the Bjorn for awhile - she really likes being in it. She looked so snug and happy. And, we learned a new trick we can do in it (below)

Amber had everything coordinated - the invites, cakes, decorations, Jonah's hat and shirt all matched. I really need to take some party planning lessons from Amber and Kelly because they both ROCK at it, and I was definitely not born with that kind of creative gene.

Oh, and by the way, it was an RJ Goodies cake... oh how I have missed you since we moved to Pearland!

One of the slides on the playscape - should have gotten a pic of the whole thing. Also should have taken more pics of everyone else there. Oh well.

Thanks for the fun party! Happy 1st Birthday Jonah!


Jammy said...

Great party. Great people. Great park, and we barely lucked out on the weather! We've got more pics of the entire group if you want them. Glad all of you could make it!!

The Moriarty Family said...

SO glad ya'll had a good time! AND you guys rock for giving that blue truck...he loves it! Next is Hailey's big day! How are our babies one already? waaaaaah :(