birthday weekend

Sunday was my birthday. It's sad because at some point (maybe 25ish) I stopped getting excited when April rolled around. I just don't need to get any older anymore :)

The kids and I drove up to my parents' house in Spring for the weekend because Steve was riding in the MS 150 (more on that will come in a separate post). On Saturday we had a little birthday dinner. We had a yummy chocolate cake brownie dessert. Tyson helped me blow out my candle.

That's right... already teaching her what the good stuff is! Good choice Hailey...

Thanks Laura for spending the evening with us! I'm glad we are starting to see each other a little more often.

Nick and Amber decided to hi-jack my camera, so I decided to post some of the pics they took!

On Monday, Steve and I had "super happy fun day." We both took the day off, so we took the kids to school, got some sunglasses (my present from Steve), stuffed our faces at Chuy's, went and saw Date Night (funny), I got a pedicure, then we went to BJ's for an early dinner before picking the kids up again. We don't get to go on "dates" very often so it was fun spending some time together. Thanks for the birthday weekend everyone.

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Aunt Lynn said...

I love it! Happy Birthday Ginny!