the astros and #41

One of the owners at Steve's company gave him his Astros tickets for Sunday's game. Wow. The fun started with our parking pass (I was standing in our parking spot to take the pic). I had no idea people could actually park that close.

We were in the fourth row behind home plate. You think the pitches look fast on tv? It looks even faster when it looks like it's coming right at you. Especially coming from Roy Oswalt.

We were standing next to our seats in this picture. Close enough? Unfortunately the Astros lost, but that didn't bother me much.

To top it off, we were this close to former President Bush. I didn't zoom in at all for this pic. We know he and/or Barbara attend a lot of Astros games, but it was great to get to watch him interact with people and just to be that close to him. Regardless of your opinion of his presidency, it was just an honor to be around him for a few hours. He sang the National Anthem, God Bless America, and Take Me out to the Ballgame.

There were a few people who were scheduled to come talk to him throughout the game but for the most part he was left alone until afterwards.

Here he is talking to Drayton McLane after the game. Unfortunately we couldn't get a good pic of both of them together.

President Bush was so great with the kids after the game. He would stop to take pictures and shake their hands even when the secret service guys were trying to get him out.

Right about now, he was saying "Well I guess I need to go home to my wife's bar-be-que."

He seemed like a nice, genuine man. So many celebrities and politicians are such jerks to "normal people", but he was definitely not. He took the time to talk to people and seemed to really enjoy the ball game as well. He even gave "the nod" and waved to Steve one time when he was looking around. Steve waved and nodded right back. He made it so much more fun to enjoy our unbelievable seats. Thanks Mr. Cleary!


Jammy said...

Wow! What a once in a lifetime experience for you!! Great seats too!!

Anonymous said...

I thought he was a great president and more importantly a fine husband and father. I really enjoyed visiting the Bush Memorial at A&M since it told so much about not only him the president but him the family minded man and his service in the military. Both of you had a wonderful total experience. Fantastic, Mom

Anonymous said...

Amazing! It's a small world sometime. It's a good thing that you were able to take advantage of the tickets. If you had not gone, you would never have known what you missed. Grandpa T.

The Moriarty Family said...

Sweeeeet! Glad you guys had an awesome "Afternoon Date" :) We're jealous!!