MS 150

Steve rode in the MS 150 on April 17-18th. He has been training every weekend since January. I am really proud of his dedication to this and how well he did in the ride. Saturday went great - the weather cooperated for them and he did well.

Sunday was a different story. It started raining on them on Saturday night (it was literally raining on Steve in his sleep), and it was still misting when it was time to go. He had a tire blowout around mile 120, and the sag wagon people were trying to get him to get on and hitch a ride to the next stop. Steve didn't want to do that, so his only option was to wedge a $1 bill in the hole. That lasted until about 1/2 mile away from the next rest stop. Determined not to get on the sag wagon, Steve walked his bike to the next stop. They got delayed there waiting for a new tire - thank goodness two of his friends from work stayed with him.

Next, he ran into problems with his chain. Any time he switched the smaller set of gears, the chain would pop off the bike. So... he stayed within only a few gears up and down all the hills on the way in to Austin. There were a couple of times he just had to switch into the Granny gear and pop the chain off. Through all of this, multiple people were telling him to quit but he was determined not to do that after all the hard work he had put in, and all of the people supporting him. Steve crossed the finish line in Austin riding his bike, never having ridden on the sag wagon. Here's a few pictures from a high-quality disposable camera ;)

Here's some of his group before they took off on Saturday in Katy

Overview shot of people leaving from Katy

Steve getting ready to take off

At a rest stop at some point on Saturday

This is where they slept Saturday night in LaGrange

All geared up for another day of biking

At one point on Sunday they had a train of riders. When Steve started having bike trouble 2 of these guys stuck it out with him.

At the finish line in Austin!

Thanks to everyone who supported Steve, either by helping him buy equipment or by donating. He ended up raising over $1,100! He really enjoyed this and felt great helping such a worthy cause. Now he's trying to talk me into joining him next year :)


birthday weekend

Sunday was my birthday. It's sad because at some point (maybe 25ish) I stopped getting excited when April rolled around. I just don't need to get any older anymore :)

The kids and I drove up to my parents' house in Spring for the weekend because Steve was riding in the MS 150 (more on that will come in a separate post). On Saturday we had a little birthday dinner. We had a yummy chocolate cake brownie dessert. Tyson helped me blow out my candle.

That's right... already teaching her what the good stuff is! Good choice Hailey...

Thanks Laura for spending the evening with us! I'm glad we are starting to see each other a little more often.

Nick and Amber decided to hi-jack my camera, so I decided to post some of the pics they took!

On Monday, Steve and I had "super happy fun day." We both took the day off, so we took the kids to school, got some sunglasses (my present from Steve), stuffed our faces at Chuy's, went and saw Date Night (funny), I got a pedicure, then we went to BJ's for an early dinner before picking the kids up again. We don't get to go on "dates" very often so it was fun spending some time together. Thanks for the birthday weekend everyone.


9 months

Hailey, you turned 9 months last week! I think I covered all of your recent developments in the lots of changes post, except that you also wave now. You don't always get the timing right though - sometimes you wave after the person has already left. I remember Tyson doing that too.

You passed your checkup with flying colors. Here's your stats:

Height: 28.5 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz (40th percentile)
Head: 17.75 (75th percentile)

You dropped a little in your weight chart but Dr. G says that is normal when babies start crawling. I'm not sure we could fit any more food in your tummy anyway so we're not worried about it either!
I know I say this every month, but you're so much fun now and we love every minute we get to spend with you. We love you Hailey Bear.


the astros and #41

One of the owners at Steve's company gave him his Astros tickets for Sunday's game. Wow. The fun started with our parking pass (I was standing in our parking spot to take the pic). I had no idea people could actually park that close.

We were in the fourth row behind home plate. You think the pitches look fast on tv? It looks even faster when it looks like it's coming right at you. Especially coming from Roy Oswalt.

We were standing next to our seats in this picture. Close enough? Unfortunately the Astros lost, but that didn't bother me much.

To top it off, we were this close to former President Bush. I didn't zoom in at all for this pic. We know he and/or Barbara attend a lot of Astros games, but it was great to get to watch him interact with people and just to be that close to him. Regardless of your opinion of his presidency, it was just an honor to be around him for a few hours. He sang the National Anthem, God Bless America, and Take Me out to the Ballgame.

There were a few people who were scheduled to come talk to him throughout the game but for the most part he was left alone until afterwards.

Here he is talking to Drayton McLane after the game. Unfortunately we couldn't get a good pic of both of them together.

President Bush was so great with the kids after the game. He would stop to take pictures and shake their hands even when the secret service guys were trying to get him out.

Right about now, he was saying "Well I guess I need to go home to my wife's bar-be-que."

He seemed like a nice, genuine man. So many celebrities and politicians are such jerks to "normal people", but he was definitely not. He took the time to talk to people and seemed to really enjoy the ball game as well. He even gave "the nod" and waved to Steve one time when he was looking around. Steve waved and nodded right back. He made it so much more fun to enjoy our unbelievable seats. Thanks Mr. Cleary!


Happy Birthday Jonah!

Jonah is turning 1 on Wednesday and we celebrated his birthday this weekend at Collins Park in Spring. Papa has taken Tyson there before but we had never been - it's a nice park with a really cool 3-story playscape with all kinds of slides coming off of it. It was great to see family and hang out for awhile.

Hailey was doing some kind of weird snuggling with Jammy - she'd smash her nose against Jammy's chin and keep it there. Whatever it was, Jammy liked it :)

The cousins saying hi to each other again

Yeah, this was one of the presents we gave Jonah and it was a hit!

He cried when they took it away so he could eat his cake - sweet! We have a winner!

Daddy had Hailey in the Bjorn for awhile - she really likes being in it. She looked so snug and happy. And, we learned a new trick we can do in it (below)

Amber had everything coordinated - the invites, cakes, decorations, Jonah's hat and shirt all matched. I really need to take some party planning lessons from Amber and Kelly because they both ROCK at it, and I was definitely not born with that kind of creative gene.

Oh, and by the way, it was an RJ Goodies cake... oh how I have missed you since we moved to Pearland!

One of the slides on the playscape - should have gotten a pic of the whole thing. Also should have taken more pics of everyone else there. Oh well.

Thanks for the fun party! Happy 1st Birthday Jonah!


lots of changes!

I am quite a bit behind on posts, even though it hasn't been very many days. So much has happened in the last week and a half or so. Hailey has had some big "firsts" and has really hit a new stage.

This is from a recent weekend. She decided to wake up early. I was annoyed that I had to get up early, but when I went into her room this is what was greeting me. How can you be annoyed at this sweet baby in her precious nightgown?? This also prompted us to lower her crib - looks like she was a few grabs from peeping over the edge of the crib.

She and Tyson have been playing together a lot lately - he mostly likes to tickle and hug her, until she grabs too many toys from him :) Here's a quick video of them playing.

She was cracking us up in her Jumperoo. She is suddenly obsessed with it, as you will see...

Since she started crawling, it was time to ditch the baby bathtub and move up to the big tub! She loves it! The first time she took a big girl bath was Good Friday (see, I am behind)

And then, to top it all off, within the same week she started crawling, she also started pulling herself up and standing!! What!! She better not start walking next week, I need to hold on to the baby stage for just a little bit longer!

This was at school in the infant room on my camera phone, so it's not that great. The next one is at home. She does it all the time already.

Oh, did I mention that she is also self-feeding little snacks like Cheerios, puffs, etc? And that her top two front teeth have broken through?


Happy Easter

Easter festivities were mostly on Friday and Saturday for us this year. Everyone but Daddy and Papa had Friday off work, so the kids and I headed up to Spring to visit everyone.

Little cutie playing at home while Mommy was getting everything ready to go

Hailey had her first grass experience. She's not too fond of it. Jonah loves it though and pulls it out, then watches it fall when he lets go.

This was Saturday morning when we were getting ready for family to come over. I think this is one of my favorite pics of her so far.

Boxing with Papa! A Papa visit wouldn't be complete without some rough housing.

Tyson on his egg hunt - his second of the year. The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the back yard!

Showing off his treasures at the end of the hunt (okay, so the girls made him stand under the tree for the picture because it was in full bloom)

Checking out his Easter basket from Jammy and Papa - lots of goodies in there!

I loved this pic of Jonah - makes you wonder what they are thinking sometimes :)

The smoker/ grill master at work - thanks for spending so much time making our meal!

Hailey is trying to warm up to her Aunt and Uncle - they do a good job of keeping her entertained when they steal her

Jammy's festive Easter cake! Yummmm!

Everyone getting re-acquainted now that Nick and Amber are back from Colorado!

Tyson was a little sick of getting his picture taken at this point, can you tell?
Thanks for the fun day guys! Happy Easter!