visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa drove up last weekend to spend some time with us. It was good to see them and relax a little.

These were actually taken right before they left. Hailey is still afraid of anyone she doesn't see on a daily basis. Even if she sees you every day, you still have to be on "the list."

Poor baby. All we can do is keep trying!

We checked out a park close to our house. It was ok - has lots of play grounds and tons of covered eating areas.

It had a pretty big network of bridges/ walkways - Tyson thought it was pretty cool

Grandpa brought a Toy Story kite for Tyson. There was plenty of wind, so after a few previous attempts at kite-flying we finally had some good wind and didn't have to fight to keep the kite in the air.
We actually had a challenge getting it out of the sky - it didn't stop "flying" until it was all the way reeled in, and even then it was still trying to fly!

Thanks for a fun visit! We need to figure out a way to end Steve's streak in Acquire.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are very nice and what beautiful children. The visit was wonderful and the weather cooperated as well. We weren't too thrilled about losing an hour with the time change, Grandma