how about yater?

We hear that question from this big guy a lot lately. It's his latest negotiation tactic when we tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, or when he doesn't want to be interrupted. "Tyson, time to take a shower." "How about yater?" "Tyson, let's put your shoes on." "How about yater?" I cracked up the first time he said it. I guess it's 100 times better than "NO."

He says it in a matter-of-fact kind of way, like he expects to get a yes every time. He still says "y"'s for "l"'s - there's a couple of other frequently said words that are cute... like "Mommy I want to sit in your yap." Another non-l word that's funny is "shoyer." "I'm going to take a shoyer with Daddy!"

He started saying words in past tense and using them incorrectly lately. I refuse to correct him because I think it's cute and I know he'll grow out of it - "I taked a yong, yong, [long, long] nap!" He's corrected so many of the other words he had trouble with (Uncle Kykle, geekle staw, etc), that we want to hold on to these for awhile.

Hailey is playing with him now - which is good and bad. She can lunge (almost crawl... yikes) and grab anything within a 5 foot radius or so, which means she sometimes grabs toys he is playing with. He is pretty good about it most of the time, but there are a few toys he doesn't like to share (understandable).

He's very protective of Hailey at school - he doesn't like any of his friends to touch her.

They switch back and forth between these chairs at meal-time. They usually aren't next to each other like this because they will just laugh and make nonsense noises at each other the whole time. Tyson still thinks she's great for the most part, hopefully that will still be the case once she gets really mobile!


Jammy said...

Fun times!! I love "How about yater?"

Aunt Lynn said...

Your blog posts just make me want to visit! Tyson and Hailey are adorable! yater. That needs to become a family word here - like samyo which I believe was coined by you, Ginny!