Happy Birthday Jude

Today we made a day trip to Brenham to celebrate Jude's 1st birthday party! It was great to see our good friends again. It was at a really neat park with a carousel and plenty of playgrounds. Kelly had the party room decorated like a magazine. I should have gotten some pictures of it. We didn't get many pictures because for most of the day, Daddy was grill master and Mommy was playing with the kids - it's a little hard trying to take pics with two little ones in a park :)

Happy Birthday Jude! He dug into his cake before his birthday song was over!

Tyson riding on the carousel - he loved it and wanted to stay on it all day of course

This was actually after we got home, but I had to get a pic of her wearing her Chucks for the first time - loved them. Apparently they taste good too.

Hailey was SUCH a good baby today. She loves to be outside as much as her brother does. She finally had to give up and take a nap after lunch.

Tyson was also very good pretty much all day (especially for not having a nap) and was a trooper when he would have to stop playing so we could feed/ change Hailey throughout the day.
It was a fun day, and the weather was perfect. We're all going to sleep well tonight.


Anonymous said...

Now, Tyson really looks like a big boy! He also has changed a lot since we last saw him. Grandma

Jammy said...

I have to second Grandma's comment! Glad the day was so perfect for everyone!

The Moriarty Family said...

Sounded like a fun bday party!! Cute pics! You gotta frame that one of Tyson coming down the slide, that one is great!