how about yater?

We hear that question from this big guy a lot lately. It's his latest negotiation tactic when we tell him to do something he doesn't want to do, or when he doesn't want to be interrupted. "Tyson, time to take a shower." "How about yater?" "Tyson, let's put your shoes on." "How about yater?" I cracked up the first time he said it. I guess it's 100 times better than "NO."

He says it in a matter-of-fact kind of way, like he expects to get a yes every time. He still says "y"'s for "l"'s - there's a couple of other frequently said words that are cute... like "Mommy I want to sit in your yap." Another non-l word that's funny is "shoyer." "I'm going to take a shoyer with Daddy!"

He started saying words in past tense and using them incorrectly lately. I refuse to correct him because I think it's cute and I know he'll grow out of it - "I taked a yong, yong, [long, long] nap!" He's corrected so many of the other words he had trouble with (Uncle Kykle, geekle staw, etc), that we want to hold on to these for awhile.

Hailey is playing with him now - which is good and bad. She can lunge (almost crawl... yikes) and grab anything within a 5 foot radius or so, which means she sometimes grabs toys he is playing with. He is pretty good about it most of the time, but there are a few toys he doesn't like to share (understandable).

He's very protective of Hailey at school - he doesn't like any of his friends to touch her.

They switch back and forth between these chairs at meal-time. They usually aren't next to each other like this because they will just laugh and make nonsense noises at each other the whole time. Tyson still thinks she's great for the most part, hopefully that will still be the case once she gets really mobile!


8 months

Hailey, you turned 8 months on Sunday! You weigh 17 lbs, 12 oz. You still wear the same size clothes and diapers as last month. You can clap now and you sometimes do the baby sign for milk. You love to pat, grab, eat, and bang on things (with your spoon, or whatever you can wave around)

You sit up very well now. You lunge forward to get on all fours when you're sitting and you want to get somewhere, but you don't move from that position yet. You can do a combination of sitting up, rolling around, and sitting back up again to get where you want to go. It's very cute.

You love to be outside just as much as your brother does. You like to "ride" in the Baby Bjorn, which so far has already been used for you more than we used it for Tyson! (Need to be hands free when there's a 3 year old running around!)

You're showing off your two bottom teeth in this pic

People get lost in your beautiful blue eyes. So far they haven't changed a bit, let's hope they stay beautiful!

You love to play with your toys, and Tyson loves to play right along with you. He makes you laugh all the time. He tickles you and loves to make you happy.

You still talk to us all the time. You are still very afraid of anyone besides Mommy, Daddy, Tyson, Ms. Lucy and Ms. Cecilia, even when we are in the same room with you. Your doctor says that's normal and that you will grow out of it in the next few months. You try to imitate noises and respond to us when we ask you questions.
You have little routines that you do ~ one is turning on the sink faucet every night while I'm getting you ready for your bath. You have learned that toys don't disappear, so you get upset when we have to take something away and you also try dropping your toys to see what will happen.
You are a very happy, fun, content baby when you're in a comfortable situation. We love you very much!


visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa drove up last weekend to spend some time with us. It was good to see them and relax a little.

These were actually taken right before they left. Hailey is still afraid of anyone she doesn't see on a daily basis. Even if she sees you every day, you still have to be on "the list."

Poor baby. All we can do is keep trying!

We checked out a park close to our house. It was ok - has lots of play grounds and tons of covered eating areas.

It had a pretty big network of bridges/ walkways - Tyson thought it was pretty cool

Grandpa brought a Toy Story kite for Tyson. There was plenty of wind, so after a few previous attempts at kite-flying we finally had some good wind and didn't have to fight to keep the kite in the air.
We actually had a challenge getting it out of the sky - it didn't stop "flying" until it was all the way reeled in, and even then it was still trying to fly!

Thanks for a fun visit! We need to figure out a way to end Steve's streak in Acquire.


big girl bath, kinda

Hailey started sitting up in her baby bathtub the other day, so I figured it was time for a change. Tonight I took out the baby sling and she took her bath sitting up in her tub. She loved it, can you tell?

Happy Birthday Jude

Today we made a day trip to Brenham to celebrate Jude's 1st birthday party! It was great to see our good friends again. It was at a really neat park with a carousel and plenty of playgrounds. Kelly had the party room decorated like a magazine. I should have gotten some pictures of it. We didn't get many pictures because for most of the day, Daddy was grill master and Mommy was playing with the kids - it's a little hard trying to take pics with two little ones in a park :)

Happy Birthday Jude! He dug into his cake before his birthday song was over!

Tyson riding on the carousel - he loved it and wanted to stay on it all day of course

This was actually after we got home, but I had to get a pic of her wearing her Chucks for the first time - loved them. Apparently they taste good too.

Hailey was SUCH a good baby today. She loves to be outside as much as her brother does. She finally had to give up and take a nap after lunch.

Tyson was also very good pretty much all day (especially for not having a nap) and was a trooper when he would have to stop playing so we could feed/ change Hailey throughout the day.
It was a fun day, and the weather was perfect. We're all going to sleep well tonight.

puzzle hater

Tyson has been on a puzzle kick lately. He was putting this puzzle together every day. We would notice at different points in the day that some pieces were missing. I thought maybe one of us was knocking it off when we walked by or something, but then the destructor started staying at the scene of the crime and showing off her handiwork...

"Take that Tyson!! Meow" ~ Toonces