I feel like most of the posts are about Hailey - she is changing so fast right now. Tyson is still hilarious and amazes us with his knowledge/ vocabulary every day. Here's just a few funny things he said the other day:

"You're my friend mommy. I'm gonna love and feed you guys."

(in the car)
Tyson: "Our car is lightening mcqueen. Its pretty fast. Chick hicks is behind us. He's gonna tip us over."
Me: "Really? Should we turn and get away from him?"
Tyson: "I can't talk to you right now mommy because Chick is outside looking at his pants."
Me: (laughing)
Tyson: "It's not funny mommy!"

Poor Tyson got sick with RSV on Friday. I ended up taking him to an urgent care clinic on Sunday because he just wasn't getting any better. They gave him a breathing treatment and he got SO much better just after the first treatment (see picture above). Now he's on steroids for a few days to help get him back to normal. It's sad because it completely morphs him into a completely different kid - he's not himself at all. Luckily we'll be done with that on Friday morning and then hopefully he'll get back to his fun, happy self.

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Katie said...

He says the cutest things. Sorry he was sick. That's no fun.