a birthday and some random pics

I have some pics I wanted to share and they don't necessarily tie together. There are some "firsts" included too. Enjoy!

You know how people constantly submit pictures of the Virgin Mary in natural settings? Well can we get any press for Mickey Mouse in a natural setting?

Tyson playing his first arcade game - Ms. Pacman in Dr. G's waiting room - he loved it.

Hailey's first time in the jogging stroller, and also her first walk where she was facing out!

Tyson having fun in his Escalade... baller!

Hailey's first non-baby food snack, and also her first time to feed herself - baby mum-mum's!

This dress is actually from Hawaii, and it was mailed to Hailey from Hawaii! Thanks Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jacque! We had to put her in it before she grew out of it!

On Saturday we celebrated Jammy's birthday! She shared her candles with Tyson - he thought it was his birthday too but luckily didn't expect to open any presents.

Trying to get Hailey some bonding time with her Jammy

I got to hold Jonah for the second time! He was pretty sleepy. We're very excited that you and your family are so much closer now!!!

Tyson is feeling soooo much better... everyone is SO much happier (understatement of the year)

Hailey bonding with Jammy and Uncle Nick

Hailey in the Hawaiian dress again before we left for Jammy & Papa's


GranDeb said...

I LOVE all your pics! What a darling family!

Aunt Debbie


Anonymous said...

As usual, these are all wonderful and the narrative that goes along with them is also great!
Speaking as a scientist, the first picture of the water in the pan is not only Mickey Mouse but is also a molecule of water H20. (Just thought you might need to know that information sometime for a game show.) Grandma