where Tyson came from

Tonight as Steve was taking Tyson upstairs to bed, the following conversation took place:

Steve: "Tyson, you know Mommy and I love you [and Hailey] more than anything in the whole world. We were soooo happy when we got you."

Tyson: "I came from Jammy and Papa's house!!!"

Steve: "No, you didn't...."

Tyson (cutting him off): "No, Mommy and Daddy got me from a box!"

Steve: "You came from Mommy and Daddy. We made you. You made us so happy, you were just what we wanted!"

Tyson: "Yeah, I was a BIG boy!"

Steve: "Well you were little like Hailey."

Tyson: "I was little like Hailey but now I'm a BIG BOY and I can talk!"

Steve: "Yeah, and you know your ABC's!"

Tyson: "And I can eat macaroni!"

etc, etc. I could hear bits and pieces from downstairs and he was hilarious. Steve was getting a huge kick out of him. What a funny guy.


the rodriguez crew said...

ok that is book material!! HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the word picture. I can just see Steve and Tyson having this earnest discussion in my mind's eye. Tyson is obiously a healthy well adjusted kid in a loving family. We love you all...Grandpa T.

Anonymous said...

Ray told me to check out your most recent entry. Pretty outstanding!
You know these kinds of questions from Tyson is a sign o genius... I agree with Ray - sounds like a very healthy and happy little boy. (A sign of good parenting!!!)
Hope all are well and Hailey is still sleeping through the night. Grandma

Jammy said...

LOL!!!!! Tyson continues to charm and entertain with his quick wit. Cute answers (as always)!! We miss having all of you 20min. away!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh man, how cute is he?! You gotta write that one down to remember!