new school

Hailey started at Primrose last Monday, so now she and Tyson are at the same place. That is so much nicer than going to two different places that were in opposite directions. Although the ladies spoiled her at Applegate, we feel this is the right move to make in the long run.

As expected, she spent a couple of days getting adjusted, but she immediately became attached to one of the teachers there, Ms. Lucy. She will only take bottles from Ms. Lucy and if she realizes she's not in the room, she gets upset. Hopefully she will start adjusting to the other teachers in there or we'll be in trouble if Ms. Lucy needs to take a day off!

By Friday, she was doing great and had a happy day all day long. They are helping us get her on a good eating and sleeping schedule. So far we're really happy with the staff and how they run the infant class!


The Moriarty Family said...

Ooohh SO good to hear! I'm sure that makes mornings a little bit easier for you guys! Glad Hailey is adjusting just fine... tell Ms. Lucy she better not get sick! haha.

Anonymous said...

Good news...sounds like the new place is a positive move for Hailey (and Ginny and Steven).

Aunt Lynn said...

Yay!!! Makes life easier for the Mama!!! That's important. I hope that reduces your driving considerably!