Steve found out in November that he needed to take a huge exam on December 28th (we know... nice timing...) for work. It was to be certified as a LEED AP. I'm sure I would screw it up royally if I tried to explain what exactly that is, but basically it's an expensive, difficult two part test that has a 30-40% pass rate on the first part and a 20-30% pass rate on the second part. It really gives him an advantage in his career and the projects he can work on if he has this certification.

Since the day he found out, he has spent all of his free time, and then some, pouring over the material and studying his heart out to try to pass the test at the first attempt. They are [kind of] expected to fail the first time they attempt this test.

Well... all the hard work and sacrifice paid off because Steve KICKED THE TEST'S BUTT on both sections!!!! He scored very high on both. I am so proud of him!


Jackie said...

We're proud too! He worked very hard during the holiday to do well, and it paid off. We missed his participation in some things.

Aunt Lynn said...

Wow! How cool! Congrats Steve!