I can sit up... for a minute

Just wanted to document a few things Hailey has been up to lately. First off, had to catch a pic of her adorable feet and chubby legs. These feet get plenty of kisses when they're bare like this.

She had her first drink from a straw yesterday, unintentionally. Anything in range of her mouth or hands is fair game. Hope that little bit of chocolate shake was yummy! I don't think she actually got any of it anyways.

She can sit up now! If she wants to reach for something that's a little too far away she tips over though. She can't quite be trusted without some kind of support yet, but she's made some major progress!

Another view of her sitting up and playing

She loves to grab the spoon while I'm feeding her and tries to feed herself. She gets frustrated once she realizes she's already eaten the food off of it. But she also doesn't want to give it back to me for a refill.

Had to take a pic of her in this - throwback to the 70's maybe? All she needed was a pair of go-go boots and she would have been all set.
Here's some video I got of her talking... I have some great sound clips too but I can't get them uploaded here at the moment.


Katie said...

So adorable. She's looking more like Tyson to me. Am I right?

Jammy said...

So much fun to see little miss Hailey sitting and talking happy talk! Talking while inhaling is a trick she has mastered it seems!! Her flower power outfit is right out of the 60's Hippie movement. Love it!

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful. Hailey has changed so much since we last saw her. Her hair is longer and blonder and she seems to be doing so much - she just seems so much older! Really, she is precious...Grandma

Carrie Bryant said...

She is so beautiful Ginny!!! I love her feet too....little toes are so cute. I am also diggin the headband and the 70's outfit.