6 months

Hailey, somehow you are half a year old now. You are growing so fast. You wear 6-9 month sized clothes and size 2 shoes. Here are your stats:

Height: 26.75 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 7.5 oz (60th percentile)
Head: 17 (75th percentile)

You are teething - you stick everything in your mouth. And today you were drooling so much that you soaked the front of your dress while you were playing with your teething toy.

You turn around/ up and look at whoever is holding you. It's the most precious thing I think I've ever seen. You look right into my eyes with those baby blues and give me a huge, toothless grin. You adore your Daddy and your big brother too.

You started eating in a high chair last week. It was getting too hard to keep you clean in your bouncy seat. It's funny to see you in it because we're used to Tyson sitting in it. You eat cereal and baby food. So far you love everything you've tried. You were a little unsure about green beans at first but you've liked them since.

Dr. G says you need a lot more floor time because she'd like you to be sitting up by now. We're working on it and we're sure you will be doing it soon. You are getting stronger every day!

You smile at us all the time. You've been sleeping through the night since Thursday so we hope you're back on track with that. Everyone is much happier when you make it through the night! You are very picky about who you'd like to take care of you. You love Ms. Lucy at school but no one else there will do. So far you're not a huge fan of your extended family either, except maybe Aunt Shannon.
Your personality shows more every day and you're funny. You shriek and babble at us all the time. Tyson can make you laugh at almost any time. Here's to sleeping through the night!


Anonymous said...

So much new information on Hailey's development. Thank you and she seems to be doing so well and she is just a beautiful baby!
Sounds like everyone else is doing well too..........GREAT!

GranDeb said...

Those are all good stats for Hailey...she is such a cutie!!

Isn't it fun to have a little girl around? We are enjoying Jennifer's little Jill. In fact, your dad met her the other day at Starbucks!!!


Kelly Lane said...

Oh my gosh Hailey is growing soooo fast!!!! I feel like we can't keep up. We need to get together more.... she is such a cutie (and of course the rest of the family). Don't worry about the tummy time. Jude absolutley hated it until he was ready to be on his own anyways!!! I guess they all have their own timelines:)