Tyson's birthday party

Okay so I'm a couple of weeks behind on posts. Trying to catch up. Tyson's birthday party was rescheduled to the 12th because of the snow we got on his real birthday weekend. It started bright and early at 9 AM. We had lots of family, neighbors, and some of his school buddies came too. He had a blast. In the past he's been apprehensive about jumpy things but he dove right in this time.

Head first about 90% of the time

Grandma went down the biggest slide! We loved it!

This is our neighbor Brandon and 2 of his kids, Tristan and Molly

Caleb (from school) and his mom, Michelle

The fam (yes Lala you are part of the fam!)

blowing out the candles on his CARS themed cake (second one... this one was much better than the first)

gifts - some of his friends had a hard time realizing they were all Tyson's - cute

This was Chris (on the left). He was assigned to our party. Chris is a rock star. He was either with Tyson or watching him the whole time to make sure he was safe and having fun. He got right in there and played with the kids and helped them when they got stuck. I highly recommend places that have something like this. It freed us up to take pics and video, visit with family, and of course play with Tyson too!
Thanks to all who came, it was a little hectic rescheduling it but worth it! He had a great time! Happy 3rd birthday Tyson!

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Carrie Bryant said...

Happy 3rd birthday Tyson! Ginny, Michele is a good friend of me and Casey's!! I worked with her husband at Datavox. That is so funny....small world!