potty training update

We started sending Tyson to school in big boy underwear the week after he turned 3. He did great the first day, but the second day he had 3 accidents. We put him back in pull ups and told him he had to stay dry all day before he could wear underwear again. He was able to get back into his underwear the next Monday and has done perfectly at school ever since. The only problem was, he was having accidents at home. He kept saying he didn't need to go and then would wet his pants 2 minutes later. So we decided to make him try every once in awhile. Funny how he can always manage to get something out when he tries! He's done great at home too since we started doing this. The only problem is #2 - he hasn't done that in the toilet yet. We're working on that now but we are really proud of his progress so far!

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The Moriarty Family said...

Go Tyson!! What a big boy!