Merry Christmas!

This year we spent Christmas with the Moriarty side of the family. Unfortunately, Nick and Amber couldn't make it down this year, but it's good in the long run because they're about to move back to Houston!!! YAY!! But I digress. Nam and Howie are visiting from Georgia so we got to spend Christmas with them too - so nice to see them!

We all spent the night at Jammy and Papa's on Christmas Eve. We told Santa that Tyson and Hailey would be there so he'd know to bring their presents to their house. Jammy read 3 books to Tyson and Hailey - The Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas and a new one (I forgot the name...)

Ms. Santa made an appearance on Christmas Day!

Tyson checked to make sure Santa came. Sure enough he had eaten some cookies, drank his milk, and the reindeer had eaten most of their carrots!

Super papa (Tyson's in a jealous phase again :)

Jammy was happy that Hailey was being a happy girl (takes her awhile to realize it's ok if people besides Mommy are holding her)

Tyson opening his cowboy gear from Uncle Nick and Aunt Amber! Loved it. It goes with his nice boots that Jammy and Papa got him for his birthday!

I put Hailey down on the couch and she grabbed this wrapping paper that was next to her and had fun destroying it for the next few minutes! Ha!

Santa did bring Tyson a car that he could ride in, just like he asked! He got right in and drove it out of the garage like he had done it a million times before...

After he drove it around the culdosac once, he started stopping, opening the door, saying nonsense words with an angry face, shutting the door and driving again. He'd do it every 5 feet or so. He started saying some understandable things later on like "I don't need that" or "I'm not going to [do something??]". Hilarious.

The true Texan driving around in his Caddy in his cowboy gear! Ha ha!

We had a great Christmas. It's funny how having kids makes you not care at all what you get for Christmas anymore. It's so fun getting them ready for Santa, seeing the joy on their faces when they open their gifts, and [trying my best to] carry on the traditions that were done for me while I was growing up.


Jammy said...

It was so much fun having you here for Christmas Eve and Christmas this year! Children make it more exciting! Tyson is hilarious/smart/special to us! Hailey is a sweetie, and finally getting to know us. It was fun having our big kids around too!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Love this story about Tyson in his Cadillac!! GREATness! We love that in one of the pics he has his gun in the passenger seat. HA! Glad everyone had a great Christmas. We missed yall!