let it snow

Last Friday we actually had snow in Houston! It was the perfect kind of snow that you can easily pack into snowballs and snowmen (small snowmen). We got off work early and the schools closed early, so I stopped on the way home to get some snow gear for Tyson so he could play in it.

This was taken after it had started melting - there was actually a little more than this at the best point.

All ready to go... except he doesn't have snow appropriate shoes so he was sporting the plastic bag look

Our snowman that ended up looking like some kind of weird giraffe - Tyson only wanted to put snow on the top.

Mommy and Daddy used ziploc bags for gloves... of course we found our gloves after the first round of playing in the snow.

Tyson loved the snow. Too bad he won't get to see it very often. I think he'll remember this day for awhile though. He threw snowballs and laughed when we threw them at him too. Hailey got to watch us take turns playing with Tyson from inside the house. Glad we got to enjoy it while it lasted (almost 24 hours)! Oh and yesterday... it was 75 degrees outside...


Melissa said...

That snow creature is hilarious

Jammy said...

Happy day!!! You can't help but have fun in the snow, no matter how much people claim to not like it!!!