happy birthday Tyson

Three years ago, at 7:05 AM, Tyson Noble Torno was born. He had a rough start but bounced back right away. Since then, our lives have never been the same... for good of course. Tyson has brought so much joy, fun, meaning, excitement, and love into our lives. I could spend hours writing about all of the loving, silly, and hilarious things he does. He makes us laugh every day.

Today we had a party planned for him at Jump N Jungle, a place close to our house with inflatable jumpy toys. Since the weather went crazy on us, we had to reschedule it to next weekend. So, we scrambled to think of another fun idea for him.

We took Tyson Tyson to his first movie in a theater. We saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, thinking it would be a kids movie based on the promos we had seen. Well it's not. Luckily he stayed interested in it even though it's NOT a kids movie. He talked out loud quite a bit ("What's that?" "There's a big bad wolf!" "There's ANOTHER fox!" ) but luckily there were only about 8 other people in there. He loved eating his popcorn and sitting in the theater. Now we'll just be excited to take him to a real kids movie! (Hailey also saw her first movie in a theater today... well she only "saw" about 10 minutes of it)

He has a huge cake all to himself... couldn't cancel that one in time. Cake anyone??

Love the static hair! He had a fun day and was very good when we told him his party was moved to next week. Daddy had been getting him excited for it all week so we were hoping he wouldn't get too upset.
We love you Tyson, you make our lives so much better in so many ways. Happy Birthday!!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Tyson!! Three years goes by so fast.

Aunt Lynn said...

What fun you are all having! Only wished we lived closer!
Happy Birthday Mr. Tyson!!!

Jammy said...

We were so happy to spend the day with Tyson on his third birthday. Lots of fun at the movie and at home! Happy third birthday, Tyson!! We love you!!!!!!