boys and girls

Just a few updates on our kiddos. Tyson decided he's ready to start potty training. On Monday he used the potty all day (his idea) and has been doing it ever since. He's still wearing pull ups for now until he makes it a few more days. We will switch him to big boy underwear soon. We are so proud of him, we've been gearing up for this for awhile now and we're glad he wanted to do it on his own before we had to force him to do it.

He's such a character. He's very into telling us who is a boy and who is a girl. Today the kids both had picture day and at Tyson's school, there was a girl and a guy photographer. The guy had long hair in a ponytail. When we got close to them Tyson said "Hey Mommy, that boy is a girl." It was pretty loud in there, but I was 95% sure that's what he had said. I quietly said "Tyson he is a boy. Please don't say that again." So he says "No mommy, that boy is a GIRL." Luckily I don't think the guy heard Tyson. I'm sure that's the first of many embarassing comments to come out of his mouth :)

Hailey successfully ate cereal from a spoon tonight. I tried it about a week ago and she just pushed it out of her mouth, but this time she was all over it. Hopefully this will make her a little more satisfied and help her sleep through the night too!

Here's a few more pics of our little cutie. She rolled over from her back to her tummy yesterday but still doesn't really try to do it very often. She mostly tries to sit up even though she's nowhere near ready to do that.

Finally got a big grin on camera!

She and Tyson had school pics today... this was during the "getting ready" phase. She is in the grabbing on to everything phase. It's a good thing I don't normally wear neclaces or earrings or I'd have some destroyed jewerly by now.


The Moriarty Family said...

Precious! Hailey looks like a sweet little christmas gift!! Can Aunt Amber have her??

Jammy said...

Good luck with toilet training! Hailey looks very glamorous!!