RIP Bizzarro
8/27/2000 – 12/4/2009

Our favorite cat died unexpectedly last Friday. We aren’t sure what happened but it looked like he died in his sleep. I’ve been trying to put this together since then. Steve has been looking through old pictures for me (pre-digital camera) but I’m not sure when we will get them on the site. Unfortunately the really cute kitten ones are only on hard copy.

Bizzarro was a surprise gift from Steve to me right after we got engaged. I remember he called me and said he had someone sleeping on his chest and I heard a little meow. It was so easy to fall in love with that little puffy furball. He really was an unusual cat. His demeanor was more like a dog in that he always greeted us at the door, wanted tons of attention, would “talk” to us all the time, and he loved to sleep between our pillows at night (when we used to let him – years ago). He would do other funny things like sit at the back of the shower while I was in it (getting “misted” but not soaking wet) and knock off the other cats when they’d walk along the edge of the tub. He also took ownership of the Christmas tree every year. He’d lay under it for probably 23 hours each day, growl at the other cats when they tried to go under it and bat at our legs if we got “too close” to his tree. (In a funny way, not an “attack cat” way.)

Bizzarro had many places of residence throughout his life. He started out in a four-plex with me and my roommate, Kate. After a couple of months we both graduated and moved out. I went back to Houston and then Bizzarro went to live with Steve and his roommates. There were already two small dogs living there and Bizzarro loved playing with them. You’d think that would be a good thing, but when they all went to bed at night, Bizzarro would sit at Steve’s door and meow to get out. Over and over. So Steve would let him out and he’d go to his roommates doors and meow, over and over, because he wanted the dogs to come out and play. After a few weeks of this, they couldn’t take it anymore so Bizzarro went to live with me at my parents’ house in Spring for awhile until my parents decided they didn’t want a cat in the house. So he made the long drive to Corpus Christi to live with Steve’s parents until we got married. He would sleep on Grandpa’s chest and had a great time there. When we got married Bizzarro made the trip back to Spring to live with us in our (nasty) rent house and has been with us ever since.

Here's just a couple fond memories of Bizzarro. We had to get him shaved last summer because he had some knots we just couldn't get out. When he came back his sisters didn't recognize him and really gave him a hard time. We got a kick out of seeing him with all of his fur gone.

Classic pic. I still don't know how everyone in this pic cooperated long enough to document it. It's my favorite kitty pic that we have.

I wish I had the time to scan in all of the older pics, but it's already taken me this long to post this. We will miss his friendliness, his huge fluffy coat of fur that was so beautiful, and his great personality. Bizzarro, thanks for giving us years of entertainment and love. We miss you buddy!


the rodriguez crew said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cat, those were some awesome stories and pictures. I too lost my cat about 2 years ago and it was heartbreaking. Love the name Bizzarro - too funny!!

The Moriarty Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Bizzarro. The pet lover that I am, I can't imagine how hard it is to lose one of your favorite fur-babies. Cats definitely leave a special place in your heart... especially loving ones like Bizzarro. I love the pic of the cats with Tyson as a baby :)

Katie said...

So sorry. It's so hard to lose a pet. Those were sweet memories.

Carrie Bryant said...

I am sorry for your loss. It is crazy how much of a role pets play in our lives.

Jammy said...

Just read this. Can't stop crying. He was such a sweet cat. I miss him a lot. Thanks for the memories.