5 months

Hailey, you turned 5 months yesterday! Time is already flying by too quickly. You are still talking, laughing and cooing at us all the time. You started eating baby cereal this month, soon you will try some baby food too. You still love your thumb and you adore your big brother. He can make you laugh more easily than anyone else.

You rock your exersaucer - you can spin around and grab everything on it! I see a jumperoo in your near future. You grab onto everything and put whatever you can into your mouth. You want to sit up so badly but you're not quite strong enough.

You aren't sleeping through the night yet - you wake up once or twice each night, eat, then go back to sleep.

You roll over now. In this picture below you had just been on the changing pad a few seconds before... you got upset when you ended up on your tummy.

You are more content now and are a happy baby most of the time. You are our precious baby doll and we love every minute of you!

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Kellylane said...

Happy 5th month Birthday Hailey!!!!! You are growing up so fast!
We can't wait to see ya'll again, and Jude can't wait til you are able to play together. You are both getting closer:)