Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving with the Torno side of the family in Corpus this year. Here's some pictures in no particular order...

Steve got a nice 8-point deer. I was really happy for him because he didn't get one last year and has run into some bad luck the last few times he's gone hunting. Now I need to learn how to make deer steaks...

Little Miss Hailey was pretty clingy to mommy the whole time. We did manage to snap some pictures of her having fun with other people though. Here she's having fun with Grandma!

Cousin Christine did a great job with her.

Tyson and cousin Caleb had a GREAT time all weekend. They are only 4 months apart and really enjoy playing together. Sometimes they get loud but what do you expect from 2 year old boys! In this pic they were chanting "No more kiddos jumping on the bed!"

Nanny and Tyson playing. Tyson discovered her decorative tractors and she was nice enough to let him play with them.

Aunt Dorthy got some baby time in too!

Hailey and her Nanny

The boys had a great time playing outside after we ate our yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Shane was playing soccer with Tyson. It may be the proud parent in me, but Tyson looks like he already knows how to handle the soccer ball (for a little guy)!

Daddy and Hailey getting some quality time together

Elizabeth made these cute turkeys out of cupcakes. The kids each had one with their name on it.
We had a great time. It's nice when we get to visit for more than 36 hours at a time. Mommy and Daddy even got some time to hit some black friday sales (we didn't go until 10 AM... no early rising for us).
Tyson also got some special trips - Grandpa took him to the aquarium on Friday and he LOVED it. Then, Grandma and Grandpa took him to a neat city park on Saturday morning and then took him to the pier to look at boats. They wanted to ride the ferry but it was closed that day. I think Tyson likes the tourist attractions in Corpus! And his grandparents! Thanks for the great time.


The Moriarty Family said...

Haha, I love it, "No more kiddos jumping on the bed!" How cute is that?! Could Tyson be the next David Beckham??? Glad ya'll had fun in CC.

Anonymous said...

All of the recent posts are great!
Your little family is growing so fast...seriously before you know it they will be grown and you and Steve will say "Where did the years go!"
Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and adventures of Tyson and Hailey, Love Grandma