happy halloween!

Happy Halloween! This Halloween had many firsts for us - first in Pearland, Hailey's first, and Tyson's first fear-free Halloween! We thought our neighborhood in Spring had a lot of trick-or-treaters... wow, not compared to here! There were so many kids, and we ran into one of Tyson's favorite friends from his class - he lives one street over and neither of us knew it!

Finally got one of Hailey's big grins on camera. We tried for a long time and finally timed it right! She smiles and talks to us all the time. Such a sweetheart.

Hailey was a fairy for Halloween! Thanks to my friends Leigh and Tracey for helping us get this costume all perfect for her! She didn't complain at all when I was putting it on, which was surprising because it was pretty hard to get over her head and shoulders.

Back view - baby friendly wings on the back!

She technically went trick-or-treating... er... Mommy held her and walked to a few houses with Tyson and Papa. It was chilly so we had to put her sweater on over her costume... bummer.

Spiderman! We let him pick his own costume for the first time. It had a mask too but it was too tight.

Tyson with his good buddy Charlie (who was also spiderman) and his sister (I think her name is Hope). She was a queen. I wish I had the video camera on while these 3 were together. It was one hilarious sentence after another.

Fear free trick-or-treating! Last year he wouldn't let Papa or Mommy put him down!
He was hilarious. He finally understands what Halloween is all about, so I'm sure the next few Halloweens will be just as fun. He would either say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!" or "TRICK OR TREAT!!" just how you'd expect an almost-3-year-old to say it. Very cartoon-like, ADORABLE voice. We were dying that no one had a video camera ready.

Sick pumpkin part II

Scary pumpkin - requested by Tyson

All pooped out from her 5 houses of trick-or-treating

Sharing some of his loot with Papa and Jammy... thanks for coming guys!


Jammy said...

It was a fun night! The kids were so good and cute as could be!! Love the pictures!

ckmadden101 said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ginny for posting this one. I am glad that I got to see them in their costumes and Tyson looks so big! Looks like Tyson has some great friends and Hailey is just precious. Love, Grandma

The Moriarty Family said...

Cutest little fairy ever... by far!! Hailey sure is getting tall!! Glad Tyson had a fun time this year, he sure looked like a happy boy. BTW- Ginny, you look great!

Anonymous said...

What fun! Wish we could have been there. Hailey is a perfect fairy princess. Tyson will want to go trick or treating every weekend now. Love you guys. Grandpa T

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! Glad they had fun!!
-Alex T