I have feet!

Look guys, I just discovered that have these things on my body! Mommy and Daddy say they are called feet. I like to touch people with them, reach out with them and grab them!

She's fascinated... for now...


who does tyson look like?

My aunt Lynn just emailed me this pic of me and my cousin Brett with our Grammy. Does Tyson look like mommy at all???


We had Tyson's parent teacher conference last week. He is doing great on his school work. The only thing they wanted us to work with him on was drawing and writing. That same night, he started drawing pictures that looked like more than just scribbling. Maybe his ears were burning...

The proud artist... I love his hair at this length

We actually guessed what this was before he told us. It's funny how sometimes the littlest things can make you so proud. His first "real" drawing :)


4 months

Hailey, you turned 4 months old this past weekend! You had your check up yesterday and got your second round of immunizations. You did ok yesterday but you were fussy today. Here's your stats:

Height: 25 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (60th percentile)
Head: 16.25 (60th percentile)

You are right on track on almost everything. We need to work on you rolling over. You'll be getting even more tummy time so you can catch up on that. I don't think you care to roll over yet, you'll do it when you're ready.

You are a TALKER. Any chance you get, you tell us all about your day and what you are thinking. You laugh and coo at us. You LOVE the changing table - that's where you really talk to us. If you keep going this way, you'll get in trouble all the time in school for talking :)

You LOVE your THUMB. It makes you and mommy and daddy happy. Your thumb calms you down when you are upset and usually gives us enough time to get what we need to make you happy.

You have a beautiful smile but you know when the camera comes out and you usually stop smiling when we try to get you on camera. You get a lot of compliments on your pretty blue eyes and your hair - it looks like it's professionally highlighted. You still have your brown hair from birth, and your new hair is growing in platinum blonde. You also have a few shades of red in there. Who knows what your hair will end up looking like!

You stopped sleeping through the night when you got your double ear infection. Last night you made it 8 hours again, let's hope you keep doing that!

We love having you as a part of our family, and your big brother is really trying to help raise you too. We love you Hailey Bear!

help yourself...

Lately, Tyson has started "helping himself" to some things, like the pantry, fridge, our closet, my jewelry box, etc. He's been physically able to open any of those for awhile now, he would just ask us to get things for him instead of trying it himself. Well I guess he decided that wasn't good enough. In the past couple of weeks we will be in the living room, or wherever, and Tyson will just walk in eating a bag of chips, or the fridge door will just be open, etc.

It's funny most of the time but we've suddenly had to become very aware of where everything is. Of course it's baby proofed but he just hasn't tried to get food by himself before. We've moved his halloween candy to the top shelf of the pantry now. Funny guy.


heads up!

Hailey showed us that she can lift her head up this week during tummy time! Yea! I was a little worried she wouldn't do it by her 4 month well-check since she hates tummy time so much. She has had good head control for awhile now though so I'm sure that helped!


first ear infection

Hailey has been congested for over a week now and developed a nasty cough on Friday. Today I took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of the same road Tyson went down with ear infections... poor baby. She is still happy and smiley unless she coughs... then she cries in pain. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.


happy halloween!

Happy Halloween! This Halloween had many firsts for us - first in Pearland, Hailey's first, and Tyson's first fear-free Halloween! We thought our neighborhood in Spring had a lot of trick-or-treaters... wow, not compared to here! There were so many kids, and we ran into one of Tyson's favorite friends from his class - he lives one street over and neither of us knew it!

Finally got one of Hailey's big grins on camera. We tried for a long time and finally timed it right! She smiles and talks to us all the time. Such a sweetheart.

Hailey was a fairy for Halloween! Thanks to my friends Leigh and Tracey for helping us get this costume all perfect for her! She didn't complain at all when I was putting it on, which was surprising because it was pretty hard to get over her head and shoulders.

Back view - baby friendly wings on the back!

She technically went trick-or-treating... er... Mommy held her and walked to a few houses with Tyson and Papa. It was chilly so we had to put her sweater on over her costume... bummer.

Spiderman! We let him pick his own costume for the first time. It had a mask too but it was too tight.

Tyson with his good buddy Charlie (who was also spiderman) and his sister (I think her name is Hope). She was a queen. I wish I had the video camera on while these 3 were together. It was one hilarious sentence after another.

Fear free trick-or-treating! Last year he wouldn't let Papa or Mommy put him down!
He was hilarious. He finally understands what Halloween is all about, so I'm sure the next few Halloweens will be just as fun. He would either say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!" or "TRICK OR TREAT!!" just how you'd expect an almost-3-year-old to say it. Very cartoon-like, ADORABLE voice. We were dying that no one had a video camera ready.

Sick pumpkin part II

Scary pumpkin - requested by Tyson

All pooped out from her 5 houses of trick-or-treating

Sharing some of his loot with Papa and Jammy... thanks for coming guys!