we're still alive

... it's just been hard for us to stay awake long enough to update our blog...

Tyson tries to help his sister understand what tummy time and floor play are all about.

finally caught some of her grins on camera!

We've been trying to figure out the best way to manage our time and give the most to our kids, and keep up with the house and ourselves too. I think we'll make some major headway once Hailey starts sleeping better. She was getting to where she'd sleep 6 hours at night, and then decided she didn't want to do that anymore.

She looks bigger to me every day now and flashes her toothless grin all the time. Tyson cracks us up constantly. One of his recent new sayings is "ready, steady, go!"
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this more often again... we shall see!


Katie said...

It's hard making that adjustment each time a new one is added to the bunch. We got her adorable announcement in the mail the other day, and she is just precious. Looks like you got one that looks like her mama!

Aunt Lynn said...

SOOOO adorable!

the rodriguez crew said...

that grin is beyond cute!!! she is adorable ginny!

ok, for real, is tyson asleep like that in his highchair?! b/c i will die!!!