life narrated

For awhile now, Tyson has been narrating things. It's like he's reading a book. He mostly does it when he's playing with his trains - he has them talk to each other. He'll say things like "hey, wait for me, said Thomas." "I'm driving right next to you, said Percy." etc. Lately he's done a couple of other ones that really made us crack up.

(Coming down the stairs after nap, holding a train) "Hey, we're HUNGRY! Said Tyson and Percy."

(Steve was banging a toy hammer on the carpet) "OUCH! Said the carpet."


Anonymous said...

You do know that what Tyson is doing is a sign of genius! Grandma

Jammy said...

Sounds like a reader already! He's obviously being read to a lot at school and home. Keep it up! His nightly Thomas videos may be playing a part too, now that I think of it! He's too cute!

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh my goodness, that made our night when we read this!! We were laughing out loud- TOO cute!