life narrated

For awhile now, Tyson has been narrating things. It's like he's reading a book. He mostly does it when he's playing with his trains - he has them talk to each other. He'll say things like "hey, wait for me, said Thomas." "I'm driving right next to you, said Percy." etc. Lately he's done a couple of other ones that really made us crack up.

(Coming down the stairs after nap, holding a train) "Hey, we're HUNGRY! Said Tyson and Percy."

(Steve was banging a toy hammer on the carpet) "OUCH! Said the carpet."

ahhh... sleep

I have been hesitant to say anything about this because I didn't want to jinx it... but starting with the night I posted the last post, Hailey has been sleeping through the night! Yea! It makes a HUGE difference in my sanity. What was the trick? She discovered her thumb. She does actually wake up around 3 or 4 am but puts herself back to sleep with her thumb. I'll take it!


3 months

Hailey, you are 3 months old today. You officially switched to size 2 diapers and 3-6 month sized clothes 2 weeks ago. On a normal night, you go to sleep between 9:30-10pm, wake up around 2-3am for a feeding, then wake up around 6-7am again, bright eyed and happy. Your nap schedule isn't consistent yet but you usually fall asleep in the car and stay asleep until around 10am.

You love to smile and talk to us. You watch Tyson and must already be learning from him. You still hate tummy time but you need it every day to get stronger. You kick your legs and straighten your body out when you get mad.

We get lost in your beautiful blue eyes. Your hair is mostly brown but there are shades of red and all of your new hair is growing in platinum blonde.

You are so sweet and precious and we are so happy you're part of our family. Happy 3 month birthday!


we're still alive

... it's just been hard for us to stay awake long enough to update our blog...

Tyson tries to help his sister understand what tummy time and floor play are all about.

finally caught some of her grins on camera!

We've been trying to figure out the best way to manage our time and give the most to our kids, and keep up with the house and ourselves too. I think we'll make some major headway once Hailey starts sleeping better. She was getting to where she'd sleep 6 hours at night, and then decided she didn't want to do that anymore.

She looks bigger to me every day now and flashes her toothless grin all the time. Tyson cracks us up constantly. One of his recent new sayings is "ready, steady, go!"
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this more often again... we shall see!