first photo shoot

I took Hailey to get professional pics done the Friday before I went back to work. She broke out in baby acne at 2 weeks of age and I've been waiting for it to go away before doing pictures. It has gotten better, but still hasn't gone away. I didn't want to wait any longer though - she is already growing so much. She cooperated for awhile but when we got her to flash her cute smile at us, she'd do something weird with her eyes. Oh well! Here's some of the better ones.

I think this is my favorite.

Love those feet! I kiss them every day!
The first week back at work went ok. I was proud of myself dropping her off, I did MUCH better than the first time I left Tyson (and that was just with Ms. Darlene, who we had known for YEARS - some things really are easier with the second kid!). Hailey's at an at-home child care that came highly recommended by our neighbors. She gets one on one attention so that's great.
I hope it won't take me too long to get the hang of getting two kiddos ready and out of the house by a certain time - haven't made it within my goal time yet. I'm sure I'll start figuring out ways to make it happen. Hailey decided to initiate her new caregiver by showering her with poop on her second day. Hee hee!


The Moriarty Family said...

The pictures are adorable...I love the first one! Glad ya'll are doing well- thinking of you guys often! We miss ya! Hug Tyson and Hailey for us (:

Melissa said...

She is so precious. Those feet are the cutest.

Anonymous said...

Ginny, she is SO adorable! I wondered how the first week went for you - what a challenge! Only fair the caregiver gets the poop - that's one of the things she gets paid for, right?!

Kelly Lane said...

Just adorable!!!! I can't believe how much she has grown since we saw her a couple of weeks ago:)

Carrie Bryant said...

Ginny, she is soooooo beautiful. I love the pics so much! I am glad you are starting to adapt to dropping her off. I also kiss Bentley's feet all the time.