ahhh... honesty

It's funny how kids just say it like it is. Today this little character...

was in a particularly clingy mood when we got to school, so I was walking down the hall to his class (at the end of the long hall) holding Tyson and his backpack on one arm and carrying Hailey in her carseat with the other. Tyson lovingly pats my belly as we're walking down the hall.

My thoughts: "Oh he must be noticing that my tummy is smaller now after I had the baby."

Tyson: (gets right in my face with a goofy grin on his face) "Hey Mommy, your tummy is sticking out!"

Nice! All I could do was laugh.


the rodriguez crew said...

HA!! oh how i dread the day!! i'm kind of more impressed that you were seriously carrying tyson/gear AND the carseat. O.M.G!

The Moriarty Family said...

NO kidding, Ginny! How were you able to walk and carry all of that! haha. You're my idol! Tyson is hilarious!