uncle nick, aunt amber and jonah

We were so excited to see Nick, Amber and Jonah last week. They flew in from Colorado for a wedding and we got to see them a couple of times while they were here. We also got to meet Jonah for the first time! It was funny being together with them again - last time there was one kid and now there are three! Thanks guys for coming down, miss you.

papa and jonah taking a snoozer


this was our attempt at a "grandkid picture" of only them - LOL! Tyson had a screaming baby in his lap and a cousin trying to hold on to keep from falling over :) I think we actually got the worst version of this picture so if I get a copy of someone else's I'll replace it!

hailey and her aunt amber

this was earlier in the day, before hailey decided to throw up all over her adorable outfit

hailey with uncle nick

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!! Even when babies cry the picture is good...don't argue with me.
Jonah is really adorable and of course so is Tyson and Hailey.
Everyone looks happy and they should be. Grandma